Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : Blog Guitar Player new post

Kiko Loureiro has recently published a new blog post regarding his tour in Asia (Japan and Taiwan) with Angra in past October 2010. He also speaks about the workshops he gave in Asia for the occasion.

Check out the new blog post from Kiko Loureiro (in Portuguese) "Asia: discovery and learning, part. 2" : http://kikoloureiro.guitarplayer.com.br/2011_03_01_archive.html

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : message to Japan

The day before yesterday, The Official Japanese Blog of Edu Falaschi revealed the messages of Angra musicians to Japan. Here you can read the wors of Kiko Loureiro :

"I'm deeply touched and sorry to everything is happening in Japan.
From my side I everyday have my greatest positive thoughts wishing that things get in control as soon as possible.

To all my beloved friends from Japan, be brave, help each other, and pray for all suffered ones.

I'm sure Japan will get through it stronger than ever

Kind regards

Kiko san "

For more news : Edu Falaschi Japan Official Blog

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : workshop in Ilhéus (Brazil)

Kiko Loureiro gives today a workshop at Teatro Municipal in Ilhéus / BA (Brazil) from 7h00pm (Brazilian Time) !

For more news : Kiko Loureiro Official Website

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : workshop in São Paulo (Brazil)

Kiko Loureiro gives today a workshop regarding the composition and musical analysis at SL Music Hall in São Paulo (Brazil) from 8h00 pm (Brazilian time) !

For more news : souzalima.com.br

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : new dates in Brazil

From MS Metal Press :

Kiko Loureiro, guitarist of the bands Angra and Neural Code, confirmed two new dates of his workshop tour in Brazil. The cities of Sao paulo and Ilheurs (Bahia) will receive the artist on March 24 and 25.

Kiko Loureiro will present great classics of his career, focusing on songs from his latest solo album "Fullblast".

In parallel, Kiko Loureiro and his band Angra are scheduling new dates for their world tour in support of their 7th studio album "Aqua".

Kiko Loureiro - Fullblast World Tour 2011

Date: 24/03/11
Time: 20h00
Venue : SL Music Hall (Souza Lima Ensino de Música)
City : São Paulo/SP (Brazil)
Informations : contato@msmetalpress.com Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo.

Date : 25/03/11
Time : 19h00
Venue: Teatro Municipal de Ilhéus
City : Ilhéus/BA (Brazil)
Informations : contato@msmetalpress.com

For more news : MS Metal Press

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kiko Loureiro / Angra : highlights of "The best Of The Year" on Roadie Crew Magazine

From MS Metal Press :

The band Angra is once again the absolute highlight of the "Best Of the Year", the annualy poll published by Roadie Crew magazine. "Another year of public recognition for our work ! It's with much hapiness in my heart that I come to thanks the fans of Roadie Crew magazine for their immense love, reflected in poll results of the annual "Best Of The Year". It was a lot of work, but Aqua was released worldwide, we just came back from a big tour in Europe and we have much more work ahead .Always thinking of the best to you all", said Edu Falaschi.

Angra and his musicians have achieved an important number of votes in the main categories proposed by the magazine in 2010, as evidenced the issue of March 2011. The band was awarded as best national band, best album, best cover album and best show of the country.

Here are the categories where Angra and his musicians were winners:

Best national band : Angra (13, 39%)
Best national show : Angra (16,40%)
Best national album : Aqua (16,64%)
Best national cover : Aqua (24,01%)
Best national vocalist : Edu Falaschi (15,40%)
Best national guitarist : Kiko Loureiro (16,69%)
Best national bassist : Felipe Andreoli (26,54%)

Best national guitarist, 2nd place : Rafael Bittencourt (7,43%)
Best national drummer, 2nd place : Ricardo Confessori (13,41%)

In parallel, Angra continues to schedule dates for his world tour in support of the album "Aqua".

For more news : MS Metal Press

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kiko Loureiro France Blog : playlist of the month

Here is the new playlist of the month, composed by songs played and / or written by Kiko Loureiro, in solo or with his bands (Angra, Neural Code ...) :

  • Kiko Loureiro, Pura Vida (Kiko Loureiro, Fullblast, 2009)
  • Neural Code, Drenal (Neural Code, Neural Code, 2009)
  • Kiko Loureiro, Recuerdos (Kiko Loureiro, Universo Inverso, 2006)
  • Angra, Ego Painted Grey (Angra, Aurora Consurgens, 2006)
  • Kiko Loureiro, Enfermo (Kiko Loureiro, No Gravity, 2005)
  • Angra, Judgment Day (Angra, Rebirth, 2001)
Enjoy ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kiko Loureiro / Angra, show Barcelona : set-list and pics

Here are set-list and pics of the Angra's show at Salamandra 1 in Barcelona (Spain) on past February 18th !

** Set-list :

- Viderunt Te Aqua
- Arising Thunder
- Angels Cry
- Nothing To Say
- Lease Of Life
- The Voice Commanding You
- The Course Of Nature
- Awake From The Darkness
- Lisbon
- Deus Le Volt !
- Spread Your Fire
- Heroes Of Sand
- The Rage Of The Waters
- Rebirth
- Unfinished Allegro
- Carry On
- Nova Era
- Dio Tribute

** Pics by Manel Amposta from SkullsnBones.com :

To watch more pics of the show, check out SkullsnBones.com website

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kiko Loureiro / Angra, show Toulouse : set-list, pics and fan videos

Here are set-list, pics and fan videos of the Angra's show at Le Phare in Toulouse (France), on past February 22th !

** Set-list :

-Arising Thunder
- Angels Cry
- The Course Of Nature
- Guitar solo (Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility by Kiko)
- Heroes Of Sand
- Lisbon
- The Voice Commanding You
- Drum solo
- Awake From Darkness
- Lease Of Life
- Waiting Silence
- Rebirth
- Nothing To Say
- Carry On/Nova Era
- Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath cover)

** Pics by Moocher on Moocher.fr for Hardforce :

To watch more pics of the Angra's show, check out the gallery of Moocher on Moocher.fr !

You can also read a review of the show (in French) on Hardforce !

** Fan videos by Rock Meeting :

- Guitar solo (Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility) / Heroes Of Sand :

- Lisbon :

- Lease Of Life :

For more news : Hardforce / Moocher.fr

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kiko Loureiro : Masterclass in Tourcoing (Lille, France)

Kiko Loureiro gives today a masterclass at EF2M in Tourcoing (Lille, France), from6h00 pm (French time) !

For more news : EF2M